about becca

This is the story of a girl. A girl who loves chardonnay, fashion, my Canon 6D, and her super-ambitious (and super-fine) husband... though not necessarily in that order!

By day I instagram (err.. manage??) the misadventures of my two beautiful babies. By night, I stitch up my favorite fashions - or blogging them for my friends at Pattern Revolution! You can see most of my sewing portfolio here.

I'm a seasonal Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer in Richmond, Virginia. I adore documenting (and so relate to!) the perfect imperfections of family in every phase of life. I've made some really great friends through this hobby and hope to delve further into this world as my kiddos grow. 

Basically I do a little bit of everything. Except folding laundry. I don't do that. Or cooking, either. 

You can see my published works in the sewing e-zines One Thimble and The Fashion Business Mentor, and in local print magazine Mechanicsville Life Magazine (April 2014).