about the photographer

My mission is to be a photographer that grows with your family. I want to be the one you call to capture all those life moments you value. I sincerely enjoy all of my clients, and I am happy to call many of you my friends.  

I'm Becca DuVal - wife, mother, and DIY-extraordinaire! That's really where my story begins. When my daughter Kaelyn was born in 2011, I couldn't get enough photos of her! I was working with a fabulously talented photographer who spoiled me rotten with all the delicious details: the smooshed nose, long eyelashes, teeny tiny wrinkled toes. But I have what you might call "Champagne taste on a beer budget." My finances ran out long before my wishlist of pictures did. Story of my life!

So I decided to return to my youth and blow the dust off all my formal art training. I picked up my first SLR camera (a hand-me-down from a fellow photography enthusiast in my family), looked through the lens, and rules of composition - color, patterns, lighting, you name it! - came flooding back. The camera is a new medium, but the art is just the same. 

It was you all who encouraged me to take my passion and build it into the business I have today. My neighbors have played an especially important role, being the first to take a chance on this new photographer and then so generously referring me along to all their friends. 

I am SO so thankful for the encouragement you provide me every day. I love using the art that brings me so much pleasure, to capture moments with your family that bring YOU so much joy! That, my friends, is what I call a "win-win".