{Maternity} Amanda

You'd think someone who conducts 100% of their business outside would learn not to trust weather forecasts. But when our local weatherman started filling my head with ideas of picnics and hikes and warm, glorious sunshine - I was over the moon! What perfect weather for my best friend's maternity photos! 

Then Saturday rolled around, and reality set in. Temps never even came within 20 degrees of the forecasted high, and not a single ray of sunshine poked through the fog all day long. Lucky for me, Amanda is a total trooper, and so the two of us waddled around Fredericksburg undetered. 

Something about the white lace and smokey eye, exposed brick, and dreary sun-less day made the whole session feel so moody and edgy. Thankfully Amanda and I had already squeezed in a traditional warm-fuzzy maternity session in December, so she agreed to be a high-fashion muse for me instead :) When life gives you lemons, you pray they look this darn good:

Just LOOK at those eyes!

Just LOOK at those eyes!