{Contest} "The Great Love Story" Valentine's Freebie

As you all well know by now, I'm a horrible secret keeper. So believe me when I say it has taken IMMENSE restraint on my behalf to not shout this contest from the rooftops! (Being fully pregnant and lacking a long enough ladder may have played a small roll in that as well..)

I am hosting a VALENTINE'S CONTEST! 

I don't have a single romantic bone in my body (this holiday IS just an excuse to eat more chocolate... right?) - but I'm a sucker to hear about those who do! So for this contest I thought it would be fun to hear YOUR great love story! "What qualifies as a great love story?" I'm so glad you asked!

  • In a relationship? Maybe you have a "how we met" story.
  • Newly Engaged? Maybe you have a "proposal" story.
  • Married? Maybe you have a "wedding/elopment" story. 
  • Expecting? Maybe you have a "how we found out we were pregnant" story.
  • Parent? Maybe you have a funny or sweet "my kid is my best valentine" story.
  • About to celebrate, or recently celebrated a big anniversary? We can all benefit from your wisdom! Maybe you have tips for the rest of us, and a great love story to demonstrate them.
  • SURPRISE THE JUDGES! You get points for creativity!

***CLARIFICATION*** Your Valentine need not be a spouse or significant other! If your Parent/Brother/Sister/Kid/Friend/Neighbor/Co-worker/Dog/Mailman has shown you love and support that you'd like to recognize them for: YOU QUALIFY! This is your time to brag on behalf of the special people in your life, and spoil them with a fun photo session. 

I will host the session in one of four convenient locations around the state, so as long as you're willing to meet me in Northern Virginia, Richmond, Charlottesville, or Williamsburg: YOU QUALIFY!  

If you've lived a great love story, or know somebody who has, read below to find out how you can submit your own story, or a nomination! Winner receives a FREE 1 hour photo session, and a disc of all edited photos!

I love candy... does that count?

I love candy... does that count?

January 21 - 26th

This week, I will be collecting submissions and nominations for "The Great Love Story" giveaway. Submissions may be emailed to becca@beccaduvalphotography.com, and MUST include the following:

  • Your (or your nominee's) 1-3 paragraph love story
  • An image of you and your Valentine (or your nominee and theirs)
  • Your (or your nominee's) email address
  • Your (or your nominee's) preferred session time: February 2nd (9AM - 4PM), February 3rd (9AM - 4PM), February 10 (9AM - 4PM)
  • Your (or your nominee's) preferred session location: Northern Virginia, Richmond, Williamsburg, Charlottesville

January 28th - January 30th

  • I will announce the finalists 9AM on Monday, January 28th, on my blog
  • I will publish an album with pictures of the finalists on my facebook page.

And the VOTING BEGINS!! Finalists will receive 1 vote for each:

  • "Like" on their facebook image in my Valentine's Contest Album
  • "Comment" on their facebok image in my Valentine's Contest Album
  • "Comment" on my finalist's blog post

    February 1st: The Winner is announced!

    February 14th: The Winner is my "Valentine's Day" Featured Post

      The fine print: You MUST be available on one of the dates, and at one of the locations listed above. If you are not available, please consider nominating somebody else who is. This prize has no cash value, and may only be redeemed during the aforementioned times.