{Personal & Professional} Milestones

It's been a week of milestones around the DuVal household! 

For starters, it's week two into our potty training saga with Kaelyn. It's going, however slowly, in large part because of an interest in unrolling the whole roll of toilet paper, and a fascination with flushing. She's 17 months, so we are in absolutely no hurry for her to master this, but I'm so very proud of her for learning all she has so far!


Baby E and I hit a milestone this week, too! As of Tuesday, I'm officially in my third trimester. Yes friends, the end is in sight! (My back just cried out in joy.) His nursery is set, his wardrobe is rapidly expanding, and we are just so excited to finally meet him!


But progress isn't limited to my personal life! 2013 has started with a bang for my business, too: on Monday I announced a HUGE partnership, that I am so very excited for! 

Lastly - I hit a huge milestone with my facebook following! You all have spread the word about my budding business, and I am so flattered to have so many new fans cheering me on. I love sharing my journey with you! 

Fullscreen capture 1242013 50847 PM.bmp.jpg

Here's to celebrating all of life's milestones - big and small. Now go sieze your weekend!