{Session Planning} Dressing the Part

Wardrobe-related questions, hands-down, make up the majority of my pre-session consults with clients. Understandably so! These images are going to be filling frames and hanging on walls year-round. So let's get it right!

  • Find your color palette. By now you should know where you're having your session. Consider the dominant colors existing in this location, and build from there. Your goal is to coordinate attire around 1 or 2 "pops" of colors, and mix in a handful of neutrals, too (think: cream, gray, navy). I recommend this website for inspiration! 
  • Embrace your style. Part of "being you" is "dressing like you". This goes for every member of the family, and is perhaps the biggest reason I tell clients NEVER to "match" attire. Instead, opt to coordinate, which allows each individual the freedom to construct an outfit that best suits their style. They'll feel the most comfortable and attractive that way, which will translate into the best photos for YOU!
  • Add Texture. Mixing prints (geometric, stripes, plaids, etc) is a great way to add depth and variety into a family portrait. 
  • Accessorize. It's important to have FUN constructing your wardrobe! Large and layered accessories photograph well, and really help complete your look.
  • Treat yourself. For many of us, professional portraiture is a luxury we enjoy (or shamelessly bribe our family into) once a year. So go that extra step and make this truly spectacular! I always recommend having hair and makeup professionally done, and shopping for new outfits for the whole family. THERE. Now you can blame me for that new dress you just *had to have*! You're welcome :D