{Session Planning} Choosing a Location

Fun Fact: I majored in English in college. Which means only 2 things to you:

  1. I have no excuse for my grammatical errors. And,
  2. I have analyzed enough novels to know that the SETTING of a story is as important as ANY character IN that story. 

"Uh Oh. This is going to be one of those 'complicated' posts, isn't it?"

Maybe, but it'll be worth reading, I promise :)

I'm watching a lot of kid shows these days... let's look at a few of those for examples. How silly would Jake and his pirate crew look throwing around pixie dust and declaring "OH COCONUTS" ... in Alaska? Or if Stitch had over-shot Hawaii a couple thousand miles, and landed instead in ... downtown Manhattan. Mass destruction accomplished. Shortest.Movie.Ever. (Parents everywhere rejoice! ...just kidding, I love that movie.)

For those spared repeat-animated-film-brain-trauma, consider how out of place Carrie Bradshaw would be in one of her many over-the-top high-fashion get-ups ... strutting down the Chips and Snack aisle of your local grocery story? 

(Yeah. I already made my point. But that last visual gave me a chuckle.)

Neverland, Hawaii, and NYC each do their part to tell us more about these characters. Anywhere else, these very same characters seem silly and out of place.

And that's the LAST place I want you to feel at your photo session! 

After all, what is a photo session, if not a chance to document and illustrate your  "story"?? I don't want you to simply exist in a setting. I want that setting to make you SHINE.

Where better to honor this Marine's service to our country, than at a nearby battlefield?

Where better to honor this Marine's service to our country, than at a nearby battlefield?


  • Sentimental Value:  Where did you grow up? Where did you and your significant other meet? Where did you propose, or get married? Maybe we have access to that actual physical location, but if it's not available, let's find a symbolic stand-in to inspire those same memories! 
  • Interests : Your eldest daughter LOVES horses? We're headed to stable, my friend. Are you and your fiance a couple of Literary-lovers? Let's try a library. Maybe you're the vibrant, edgy, artsy type? Those murals downtown would enhance your personalities perfectly! Our occupation, hobbies, and interests make up a big part of our life, it's only natural to incorporate them into our location-selection process!

You must be over flowing with ideas now! So let's narrow them down with a few location "must-haves":

  • SAFE & AGE-APPROPRIATE: A family with small children has no place posing where a toddler can dart quickly into city traffic. And while grandma doesn't look a day over 25, we probably shouldn't ask her to hike a rocky incline with a weak hip. 
  • WEATHER-FRIENDLY: If it just rained... we won't host your session in the mud. If the leaves have all fallen from the trees, I'll suggest an alternative to that dead-tree-backdrop. Waterfront or downtown, perhaps? 

The "perfect" location exists for each and every client.  Where is yours?