{Session Planning} Props

AHH, the age of pinterest! There are SO many fun prop ideas floating around, and I'd love nothing more than to photograph each and every one in a new original way :) 


First things first: I do not provide props. Bummer, I know, but it's really not a feasible service I can offer outside of a traditional photo-studio setting. 

That said, I think they're fabulous and absolutely encourage my clients to bring their own!

What is a prop?

A prop is any object (sometimes even a person or pet!) designed for a subject to interact with during their photos. 

Props can be elaborate constructions (like kissing booths, bed frames, tents - oh my!) or not-so-much. They can be crafty (like bunting flags!) or simply standard items you'd find around your home everyday.  Some favorites you might consider: balloons, bubbles, books, umbrellas, favorite toys, hats, dress-up gear (like fairy wings, or superhero caps!). 

Sentimental props are always a good idea. My newborn daughter was photographed in my grandmother's heirloom jewelry. I love passing those photos everyday and being reminded of both of those special ladies in my life! 

Seasonal props  are fun, too! Pumpkins in the Fall, kites in the Spring, mistletoe or wreaths in the Winter... even party hats for birthdays or hand held flags for the 4th of July! Get creative, and have fun with it.

Why are they helpful? 

Spending an hour in front of a camera can be daunting for subjects of all ages. Having a prop or two to share the "focus" helps to lessen that anxiety.  

For children, especially, I find that props help expand their photo-attention-span, if by serving no other purpose than to immobilize them for a few extra minutes. Such was the case when I handed my daughter this umbrella and used it to play "peekaboo" for a couple of successful photo-snapping moments!