{Mentoring} What do YOU want to know?

I LOVE photography. Well, to be most accurate, I LOVE art. Before my camera-wielding days, I was better known for my sketching, oil painting, and water coloring. Photography just so happens to be a medium that fits my "mommy" time restraints as I'm chasing down an active toddler all day. But don't let me mislead you! Learning this medium has been extraordinarily time consuming. 

See, when you buy a DSLR (code for: fancy camera), some part of each of us thinks that the fabulous photos are hiding somewhere inside of it. "I spent a hefty chunk of change on this thing, so it must take great photos!" Not so, my friends. As I've come to learn, it is great photographers that take great photos, not great cameras (though they sure do help!). 

Thankfully - there is a photographer inside of us all, and, if you have invested in a DSLR, I'm willing to bet you have the motivation to find them! That's where I hope to come in. 

If you are hoping to find your inner-photographer, help me design a "mentoring" blog series that is right for you! Consider these questions, then comment below, email becca@beccaduvalphotography.com, or post to my facebook page ideas you have for how I can help YOU become a better photographer! DSLR OPTIONAL - every one, with every camera, can start taking better pictures today!

  • Recall your favorite picture you've taken. What do you like about it? Maybe you captured a special moment. Maybe you liked the location. Maybe it was the vibrant colors that stuck with you. Whatever it is, I want to help you take more photos like THAT. 
  • Recall your LEAST favorite photos. What don't you like about them? Maybe there's a wedgy-picker behind a picture of your kids on vacation (bummer!). Maybe most of your pictures are blurry, or dark. Maybe your pictures don't turn out because your subjects are making goofy faces. Whatever the culprit, I want to share my tips for avoiding them in the future!
  • How well do you know the settings on your camera? If you use a point-and-shoot: Are you comfortable with the flash settings? Do you understand what the various automatic settings are? If you use a DSLR: Is your camera on Auto, or a semi-automatic mode like Aperture Priority, or Shutterspeed Priority? Have you tried "manual" mode?
  • Why do you want to learn photography? 

I look forward to your questions!