{Fashion Friday} The One-Shoulder Silhouette

There is something so perfect and Summery about this recurring seasonal trend! If you've browsed the racks of your local clothing store lately, you've probably seen these looks:  

I love how flirty and sweet those shoulder ruffles are! Ladies can sass it up with a beautiful pendant necklace, bangles, and wedges. Girls need only the extra pop of a colorful hairpiece and sweet sandals. Case in point: the most photogenic 5 year old I know!

Merri Poppins  is back this week featuring the brand new "Corinna" dress!

Merri Poppins is back this week featuring the brand new "Corinna" dress!

This Fashion Friday feature was designed in this month's "Carnival" color trend. Imagine the twirling photos we could get of your little one in this dress!

I'm really excited to announce that this Merri Poppins & BDP collaboration has received love from the pattern designer as well! You can see our product images on the Create Kid's Couture website

Have a tween you need fashion inspiration for??

Check back next week for a "Tween" Feature!