{Mentor Monday} Feedback Please!

Calling all aspiring "mom-togs"! I need YOU to mentor ME, if you please :)

So far in my Mentor posts, I've covered topics that relate to EVERY body, despite your subject, skill level, or camera-of-choice. I'm thrilled to offer you FREE, EASY, real-life tips that you can pack with you on that family vacation (on second thought - feel free to pack me, too!) or whip out of your back pocket at your child's recital.

There's been expressed interest in DSLR help, which gets considerably more tech-y. I'm excited to share this advanced knowledge too, but I want to make sure I've covered all the more basic question first.

SO, my wise council!! Please tell me:

  • Have my tips been useful so far? If not, which need clarity?
  • Which tips have interested you most?
  • Have you practiced any of these photography tips? Which has made the biggest difference? I'd love to see examples of your photos!
  • Have I answered your photography questions? If not, please share them! Comment below, email becca@beccaduvalphotography.com, or post them to facebook.

As always - I appreciate your feedback! Happy snapping this weekend :)