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In my youth, there was a very dirty four letter word that plagued me. T-I-M-E. It just draaaaaaagged on. Was there anything longer than the school year? Seriously? I considered time in terms of future aspirations. "Only 8 months until Christmas!" "TGIF is on in a few hours! (Which of Topanga's hairstyles would I spend my Saturday - and half my mom's can of mouse - emulating?)" and of course, my longest running count-down EVER: "This time next year, I'll have my driver's license!" 

As it turns out, old habits die hard.  

In January, all I could think was "I can't wait until Everett's born! No more ginormous gut to slow me down on toddler-chasing excursions...er... Errands." Later it was: "I can't wait until Kaelyn's potty-trained!". Just think of all the things I'd do when I can stop measuring my outings by how many diapers I have left in my purse! Even now, I find half of my sentences start with "When Everett can... (sit/stand/walk)" 

But I realized something this morning. 

It's Thursday. 

THAT'S your big revelation? 

Well, yes. It's Thursday. And I'd swear yesterday was Monday.  

And beyond that, it's the last week of Summer. A season I filled almost exclusively with thoughts of "I can't wait until"s. If you're guilty of the same, you'll know those thoughts leave little time for marveling of the blessings that exist now:


So here's my Thursday NOTE TO SELF: Slow it down. Tomorrow you'll be moving your babies into college, but you can spend today celebrating this toy-stacking, track-building, baby-bubble-babbling, nap-defying phase they're in. And every one after that. 

Take your time, my kidlets. You're perfect exactly as you are, in this very moment.

Except that soiled diaper. I should probably get on that...

Ta-ta my friends, duty calls! XOXO


Becca DuVal

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