{Personal} Twinkle Toes

Kaelyn has taken to doing this super-cute, in-no-way-obnoxious-or-inconvenient "thing" lately. It looks a lot like running circles around our downstairs. Because that's exactly what it is. (But if you follow me on instagram, you already know that!)

It got me thinking: "Maybe my child is under-stimulated?" (Ha. "Maybe")

So when our gym advertised an affordable dance program for her age group, I jumped at the opportunity! 


I'll be honest. I have reservations. Like: "I have no time to shower, how will I find time for this?" or "She's only 2! Does she really need this kind of structure so soon?", and of course "I've heard how expensive developing these talents can be... can we afford this?"


Still, I'm excited to learn this new world together! If you've ever seen me dance (SORRY!) you'll know this is uncharted territory for us DuVals. 


Are your babies involved in activities like dance? What age did you start them? Please comment your words of wisdom!