{Personal} Dear Becca,

Today, you're going to get married. Don't worry: the whole day will go exactly as planned. The white gown will fit perfectly, the weather will be mild and beautiful, your groom will beam upon you with pride as you walk towards him, and you'll kick off the reception with a well-rehearsed ...slightly improvised... dance to Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet". 

You'll think to yourself: "the lyrics don't totally fit... obviously, I've 'met him' or I wouldn't be getting married! ...but the song is upbeat and celebratory, and describes exactly the relationship we'll strive to have throughout our life together."

Well, three-years-later-you is here to tell you: the song is a perfect fit.

You hadn't met him yet.  

The man of your dreams isn't the man your heart burst for over and over in the first year of your relationship. He's not the dapper (kinda sweaty) fellow at the end of that aisle today, either. He's fabulous - don't get me wrong - and you should totally marry that man. 

But you won't meet the man of your dreams for another year. When he's welling with tears holding your newborn daughter. 

Maybe it's the child you now share. Or maybe it's that you're both that much older. Or that you've successfully navigated a year in your marriage. 

Whatever the reason, 
he'll transform. YOU'LL transform. You'll become selfless versions of yourselves that don't yet exist on this, your wedding day. 

Of course, you'll slip sometimes (more than you'll care to admit). And so will he.

Forgive him anyway. Forgive yourself, too.

True to the words you dance to today, "it'll all turn out/ And you'll make me work so we can work to work it out." 

Today you'll promise that man better/worse, richer/poorer, and sickness/health.  

Three years later, you'll recommit yourselves to the selflessness that so surprised you in 2011. And that you started to take for granted when that one baby turned into two.

Three years later, you'll worry less about "the man of your dreams", and decide instead to work on being the woman of his.  

Here's to year 4, Daniel. I promise you kid that I'll give so much more than I get.

Because you're worth it. 


And so are they <3

And so are they <3