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Welcome Paisley Roots fans! I'm so excited to be joining this tour and sharing my All Spice Dress creation! 

This is a great little dress pattern with lots of options, and a HUGE size range. (You can read all about those here!) And when I mean "lots", I mean that you can make 16 DIFFERENT DRESSES in sizes 6m - 12 years. Those of you after Black Friday Deals - the quick math there is less than fifty cents per style!  And with a little imagination, you can expand the pattern's infinite potential. But for this tour stop, let's just stick to the one, shall we?? ;)

For our super chilly winter-come-early climate, I chose to make a long sleeve version. Super straight forward, perfect for a she-who-won't-tolerate-frills 3 year old. (That didn't stop me for adding an extra little top stitched detail though...)

I thought long and hard about the button vs zipper opening. My first thought was dressing a reluctant child, and zipper totally won. But then I remembered "easy-on, easy-off" and knew buttons were the only safe choice for an exhobitionist child like mine. 

I combined the three mini-pin-tucks in the pattern for one larger one, and snuck in some jumbo ric-rac. What fun is sewing your own apparel if you can't sneak in some custom embellishments along the way?!

I was so sad when I realized the cutting counter had shorted me on this simply-screams-autumn red floral print, and was determined to hack the design to make this a 1-yard-dress. (Hey, if I can do it with a women's pattern I can do it with a 3T right??) I landed on the option to extend the skirt with a band at the bottom. I love how the contrasting fabric calls attention to the fullness of the skirt! 

Clearly, Miss Thing here loves it! As she should. I made the 3T per her measurements and the fit was spot on. Full disclosure: I had a mini panic attack when I tried the bodice on her before sewing it to the lining, and thought it would be too small. But then I remembered "seam allowance! Duh!" and all was well in the DuVal home again :) 

Mini Fashionista here demanded to accessorize with her new hat/mitten set, and given her current Hand/Foot/Mouth rash, I was inclined to indulge her request. Girlfriend definitely has her own opinions on fashion - and she's usually right! I wish I could take credit, but at this point I'm taking pointers from her ;) She even picked out the red fabric! 

Now that you've heard all about my All Spice creation, it's time to make one of your own! Enter below for some awesome prizes :)

"Thanks for visiting my blog tour stop! Be sure to check out the other talented sewists' creations!"

"Thanks for visiting my blog tour stop! Be sure to check out the other talented sewists' creations!"


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