{Personal & Professional}The Off-Season

My photography work is very fluid. It very much ebbs and flows with the changing seasons, demands on the home-front, and even my general interest in the craft. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm in LOVE with photography! But some days it just doesn't inspire. Even when I have some of the cutest subjects around...

Classic story of Boy Meets Cow, Boy Eats Cow.

Classic story of Boy Meets Cow, Boy Eats Cow.

"...could use a little gravy. Maybe some mashed potatoes?"

"...could use a little gravy. Maybe some mashed potatoes?"

What do I do when the camera just isn't enough?? I turn to my sewing machine. A lot.

"Like.. a lot, a lot?"

Like, more than I probably should, considering the rapidly deteriorating state of cleanliness my home has fallen to recently.

"Well, what do you sew?"

What DON'T I sew?? All Fall I worked on reviewing PDF sewing patterns at Pattern Revolution. They were mostly projects for Kaelyn, but a few for Everett, too. 


But then... I really hit my groove.

I discovered women's patterns. And a chance to bring my interest in fashion into a wardrobe I could actually AFFORD. I built $50 Fashion.


Not only can I sew ZIPPERS and BUTTONS, but I can sew JEANS.. entire outfits! It's been an incredible journey. I hope you'll considering reading along with the first four weeks!

I'm sad to see the series end this Friday. But I know this is just the beginning of a whole new journey in my creative enterprise. I hope you don't get too sick of seeing me on this side of the camera! 

Speaking of which... all this "modeling" I've been doing has me thinking it's time for a part 2 of my popular posing post. What do you think?? Leave a comment below if you want more tips!