{Professional} Here we GO!

Oh boy ya'll. My life has been BANANAS. 



Just shy of a year ago, I brought the craziest smiley-est (*ahem* most sleep defiant *ahem*) baby boy into the world.

Who, me??

Who, me??

To say becoming a parent of 2 is a "game changer" sorely understates the reality. Days are a haze of diapers and "No, toddler, don't scale the bookcase while I nurse your brother!", peppered with a few moments of unparalleled joy only two tiny sticky-faced mini-mes (and mini-Daniels, thank goodness!) can deliver.

My photography business has taken a real back seat for months now... (FAMILY FIRST!) but that doesn't mean I've stopped expressing myself creatively! Late at night, and while babies nap (hah, wishful thinking!), I have turned into a true sewing fanatic.

I've shared a small sampling of my Pattern Revolution contributions, but I'm about to really kick it up a notch. Fellow PR contributor, and sewing mentor, Suzanne and I are getting COMPETITIVE. 

Have you ever heard of the wildly popular show, Project Runway? Imagine that model of competition, only for the blog scene.

Suzanne and I are teaming up against the forces of ...stitchery? and tackling weekly sewing challenges in hopes of bringing home the Gold! Read up about the competition, Challenge Create and get an idea of our sewing chops with today's style post, Runway Deconstructed.

Wish us luck!!


Becca DuVal

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