{Personal} Mystery Challenge

Ahh, the "to-do" list. I don't know about you, but mine is extensive. I can't begin to tell you how much fabric I've bought to knock out each project I've dreamed up in the last year since I've taken up sewing. 

So when Lisa and I were teamed up for a Craft Blogger's Mystery Challenge, and assigning each other our "mystery prompt", I selfishly thought ...wouldn't it be great to use this as an opportunity to knock out one of those projects that keeps getting pushed lower and lower on the list? We called it....

The Bucket List Project

Mine? Started a year ago tomorrow.

That's when my little guy came quickly and quietly into the world. 

Of course, I had all the natural motherly excitement that comes along with a newborn, but as a photographer, I also had IDEAS. Milestones I swore I'd photograph. Monthly portraits, each with a new theme and "costume"... boy was this kid going to have one heck of an album of his first year in our family! 

....and then something happened.

Something called PPD.

Which I talk about freely, and think it's healthy and healing to do so, but it carries with it a serious weight of guilt. 

As it relates to this project, my "guilt" stems from missing the opportunity to stitch up vests and bowties and branding a onesie with 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month milestones. (I know, right? How does any kid survive their first year without routine staged portrait sessions?? I'm rolling my eyes right there with ya.) As the weeks passed, I thought "well, who needs a 3 and 9 month marker anyway? Half year milestones seem much more manageable for a mother of 2 2-and-under." 

So I bought this super fun comic book print for month 6. And it collected dust until exactly YESTERDAY. 

I used the Jocole Reversible Vest pattern and whipped this thing up at lightning speed. Seems silly now to think I couldn't squeeze this project in 6 months ago! 

Oh well, Live/Learn, right? Kinda' like the lesson I learned this morning when I snapped a few pics of the Birthday boy rocking his new threads: Don't photograph a newly-walking child over treacherous, rocky terrain. Nothing says "1 Year Portraits" like a mouthful of dirt, and a quest to find the hidden first aid kit... (Sorry, little dude!)

What "bucket list" project have you been putting off? Maybe it's time to bump it up - and OFF - the list. <3

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