{personal & professional} The Highs and Lows of Month 1 in San Francisco

I am - at best - a sporadic blogger these days. Take no offense, blog land, I'm also a sporadic shower-er, grocery shopper, and consuming-a-meal-without-a-kid-in-my-lap-er. 

But I thought I'd blow the dust off my little blog here and share a bit about our recent move across the country!

High: The View

Seriously?? Seriously. When hubs and I collapse on the couch at the end of the day, we get to watch what our daughter calls "the sparkly bridge!" light up the night sky. I swoon EVERY time.

Low: The Sleep

Oh dear son of ours... I just know you'll figure this whole "sleep" thing out eventually. But switching time zones, sharing a room with your sister, and surrounding you with city noise and active neighbors is *not* the right formula for you.

High: Car-free

This has TOTALLY taken me by surprise. I thought for sure a car-less life would make me feel isolated and stir crazy. And that public transit would be dirty and scary and unwelcoming for a mother and two toddlers.

...but in the Muni yesterday, K sat next to a skater decorating her skateboard and this wonderful stranger made her day by showing her how to "color" the skateboard, and responding with excitement when K would correctly identify each color. These people have no obligation to take an interest in my children, and yet each and every time - they do! 

Low: Carpet

I didn't know how good I had it with our all-hardwood home. I spend at least an hour every day scrubbing crushed raisins out of this carpet! 


Supposedly the 70 degrees, rain-free, slightly breezy forecast we've enjoyed through 90% of our stay is atypical for summers in San Francisco, so we're taking advantage of each and every day of it! We're getting a healthy dose of vitamin D, and we always find something new and interesting on our walks (or runs) around the "neighborhood."


Low: The Cost

'Nuff said.

High: My Horizon Project

Eeeeep! I can't even contain my excitement for this project! Kate Spain, designer extraordinaire, reached out to me to showcase her upcoming fabric line for Moda fabrics! How cool is that?? This is especially cool for me because I started my apparel sewing with Kate's Cuzco line a year and a half ago, and I'm kind of a nut for her daydreams line, too. Here's a preview of my first Horizon fabric creation. I have plans to blog about this outfit, and my first adventure in hat-making soon :)

Hummingbird dress by  @Rabbit Rabbit Creations  and  Elsewhen's Eleanor hat  in  @Kate Spain Horizon fabric line for @ModaFabrics

Hummingbird dress by @Rabbit Rabbit Creations and Elsewhen's Eleanor hat in @Kate SpainHorizon fabric line for@ModaFabrics

Hummingbird dress by   @Rabbit Rabbit Creations   and   Elsewhen's Eleanor hat   in   @Kate Spain  Horizon fabric line for  @ModaFabrics

Hummingbird dress by @Rabbit Rabbit Creations and Elsewhen's Eleanor hat in @Kate SpainHorizon fabric line for@ModaFabrics

Low: I miss my doggies.. :(

Not necessarily picking their hair out of my food or the constant barking, but still. They're family and I miss them.

High: Watching Everett Boom

Stranger hails a taxi, he waves back at them. I fold laundry, he snatches a piece from the pile and runs around - giggling wildly - wearing it on his head. He's signing for food, playing games, and making mischief. His antics bring me daily joy, and I'm gobbling up every bit of it. 

High: No Stuff

You realize just how simply you can live when 4 people move themselves and 4 suitcases into 900 square feet. I can't do this sentiment justice in a few short sentences, so for now just know that freeing myself of STUFF has transformed me. No more basket of toys the kids never play with, or nonsense trinkets cluttering my countertops. There's less to clean, less to maintain, and less to rip out of "DON'T EAT THAT!"'s mouth. 

Yeah, I'm talking about you, kid!

Yeah, I'm talking about you, kid!

We build block towers, hide in boxes, go to the park, and visit museums. We spend more time doing the things we love, and less time figuring out where to store them, and who has to pick them up.  

Well there you have it! You're all caught up on our first month in San Francisco. 

Keep an eye out over on Pattern Revolution - I'll be returning to the blogosphere there, too, with a few Fall style posts and tutorials. 

Until next time!! XOXO


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