{Fashion Fridays} Coming NEXT WEEK!

I'm a mom, no different from many of you. I love to dress my children (Baby E, your wardrobe awaits!), but I am limited by two common factors: space in their closet, and the size of my budget. 

This season, I want to help you pick wise investments for your family's attire - specifically stocking their closets with photo-ready pieces for Spring/Summer family photos! 

"So you're a fashion expert now?"

HAH! Not by a long shot! 

That's where local Children's Boutique, Merri Poppins comes into play. Owner and fast-friend JaNette is lending her masterful sewing skills and industry insight to our fun new blog series: Fashion Fridays! 

We'll show you all the popular Kids' Spring/Summer 2013 trends: Color Schemes, Cuts, Styles, AND Accessories.  You'll see each trend in the day-to-day look, and some AMAZING custom-designed Merri Poppins pieces PERFECT for your upcoming family photo sessions. 

Oh yeah - and each trend will feature a GIVEAWAY of one of these pieces!  

I KNOW. Fun right?? We are so excited to debut this project next week. Keep an eye out!

In the meantime: Tell me Mommas - which warm-weather trends can't you get enough of??